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...and then Peter Beckman said...
% On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, David T-G wrote:
% > Looks like it, though I admit that the manual doesn't adequately explain
% > your results.  Check out section for details.
%  I did; see my previous (moments ago) email on my read on that manual
%  section.

Ah; I will when it comes through :-)

% > % So my assumption is that if I insert with year="" it should use the
% > % default.  Or at least 0000.
% >
% > That makes sense.  And so what is the default?  Looks like it is, for
% > some reason, 2000.  [This isn't a TIMESTAMP field, so we don't
% > necessarily expect it to be "this year".]
%  The default at the time was 0000.

At the time of the mysql release, you might mean?  Certainly at the time
of the manual writing...

% > Looks like it's standard mysql behavior:
%  But that's what I'm questioning.  Should it be that way?  If so, the
%  manual page for YEAR should be altered.  If it shouldn't work that way, it
%  should be submitted as a bug.

Makes sense.  Having removed all php elements, you'd probably get a
better answer on the mysql list.

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