El Jue 28 Ago 2003 11:25, Ignatius Reilly escribió:
> Well, it IS logical provided one is aware of the rules of the game,
> meaning, as you rightly point out, that MySQL does not reject SQL
> statements for incorrect values, but attempts at converting them "at any
> price". I have no clue whether it is or not a shortcoming of the
> implementation (I do not know what SQL-92 says about this). Therefore data
> validation should be done outside MySQL.

The thing that IS ilogical is the way MySQL plays the game. What would you 
think if all of a sudden the "date" command in linux did something like that 
(try to add some strange date when the given date isn't a valid date)?

Now lets suppose this is a good idea, and one would have to program to get the 
data integrity (data integrity isn't only when the database server fails). 
Then why do I have to put different data types? Let's use text everywhere! Or 
if I do use different data types, what if I have a bug? I could have people 
loading erronous data in the database and not getting an error, and after 
loading lots of information I find the bug, but see that all the data is 
bogus (like the numeric example I gave earlier).

To state it more clearly, I havn't seen Oracle, Informix or PostgreSQL do 
things like this, which reminds me of what someone told me once: MySQL is 
just a FS with an lousy SQL language (and pretty incomplete).

Maybe the problem is that most people never read Codd's 12 rules for a RDBMS:


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