It dosent say this in the docs but I presume its because you need to pass the value as 
a string  or the value will result in 0000, which in year terms is wrong because there 
never was a year 0000.
I guess their reasoning is that if you have passed a "" then you havent broken this 
rule and so it shouldnt default to a none existant year, i.e. 0000.

like i said, its not in the docs (at least I couldnt find anything in the time / dates 
part), if you feel its important you could maybe insert a comment in the the YEAR 
section of the docs.

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On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, Griffiths, Daniel wrote:

> mysql will default to 2000 for a year value if you pass it "" as an entry
> because it will accept short values for the years this century, eg pass
> it "1" and it'll give you 2001, so it thinks "" is nothing. if you want
> to default to this year pass it NOW().

 I guess that's why I'm confused.  An empty quoted string shouldn't assume
 that I mean "0"; if I meant "0" I would enter "0".  It should assume I
 mean to make it nothing, and by nothing I mean an unquoted 0, or 0000.

 I just want to know where in the manual it says that passing YEAR an empty
 quoted value will cause MySQL to understand that value as a quoted "0" and
 then make the year 2000.  It's not in the YEAR section.

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