El Jue 28 Ago 2003 17:20, Ignatius Reilly escribió:
> Well, you're certainly right (except I didn't get the meaning of 'FS' -
> anything obscene?). However:

File System.

> 1. The job of this ML is to help people get things done
> 2. For criticisms concerning the design of MySQL, you may get better
> results posting directly at the MySQL dev team.
> 3. You may decide that another RDBMS may suit your needs better. Someone
> told me that Oracle is quite nice.

Except for (2), I have the same opinion as you have. My mail was because I got 
really disturbed while reading the mail, and I think people should know about 
other was of designing an SQL application (or even better was of designing 
your PHP app).

Hopfully I will be giving a 2 hour course at the Linux meeting here at my 
local city (Santa Fe, Argentina) about using PEAR (or other tools of 
abstraction) to get better, and easier to maintain PHP programs.

And to finish, I don't have the same opinion as you have on (2) because I have 
read to much junk from the MySQL dev team (things like "primary keys are 

Just my 2 cents.

P.D.: Yes, Oracle is pretty nice.

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