Well, you're certainly right (except I didn't get the meaning of 'FS' -
anything obscene?). However:

1. The job of this ML is to help people get things done
2. For criticisms concerning the design of MySQL, you may get better results
posting directly at the MySQL dev team.
3. You may decide that another RDBMS may suit your needs better. Someone
told me that Oracle is quite nice.

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El Jue 28 Ago 2003 11:25, Ignatius Reilly escribió:
> Well, it IS logical provided one is aware of the rules of the game,
> meaning, as you rightly point out, that MySQL does not reject SQL
> statements for incorrect values, but attempts at converting them "at any
> price". I have no clue whether it is or not a shortcoming of the
> implementation (I do not know what SQL-92 says about this). Therefore data
> validation should be done outside MySQL.

The thing that IS ilogical is the way MySQL plays the game. What would you
think if all of a sudden the "date" command in linux did something like that
(try to add some strange date when the given date isn't a valid date)?

Now lets suppose this is a good idea, and one would have to program to get
data integrity (data integrity isn't only when the database server fails).
Then why do I have to put different data types? Let's use text everywhere!
if I do use different data types, what if I have a bug? I could have people
loading erronous data in the database and not getting an error, and after
loading lots of information I find the bug, but see that all the data is
bogus (like the numeric example I gave earlier).

To state it more clearly, I havn't seen Oracle, Informix or PostgreSQL do
things like this, which reminds me of what someone told me once: MySQL is
just a FS with an lousy SQL language (and pretty incomplete).

Maybe the problem is that most people never read Codd's 12 rules for a


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