> From: Shiloh Madsen [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sorry about the cross posting, as im not exactly sure what
> would be the best method to handle this, but im trying to set
> up a web application with a tabbed interface. Each tab will
> have a form to enter data, and the requisite save and
> continue button. Heres where things get hard though. I want
> to be able to allow users to click on a previous tab to
> refrence, change, update, etc the information on those tabs.
> How do i save the state of these tabs so that they can be
> reaccessed? Just so you have a little more information, im
> trying to make a kinda simple call logging system with a
> customer tab which would hold customer info and a calls tab
> which would store call info and allow you to switch between
> call records. all of this data would be stored in a database,
> but i dont want to actually have to send a new query to the
> database just because the user clicked on a previous tab...if
> this would be possible. Also, if anyone has an idea as to how
> i can implement this a bit more intelligently, im open to
> suggestions, but the tabbed interface seemed to be the most
> user friendly. And yes, the web interface is important, which
> is why im not trying to do it in c++ or something like that.
> Shiloh

I have done this using multiple hidden <div> tables </div>. Works well for
large forms when you want to show only a small piece of it at a time. Each
tab exposes the current div table and hides the remaining tables.  No need
to save state because all data is on one form.  It is just hidden from view
until you get to the final tab and submit.  If you are using any drop-downs
<select> tags, you will need to set their visibility to 'none' along with
that table because of their inherent visibilty over all other html.

I have also seen this done using successive forms, posting one form to the
next and creating hidden fields to save the data from one form to the next.
This might be hard to handle though if you want to move forward and backward
at will.


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