Yeah, that is a good way to do it, i would do something similar too but
seemed to not want to requery the database, althought querys in this case
be the quickest and simplest way to get the historical information, which
would be
stored in the database already, and as you said, update querys if you want
to change
the information loaded into the form. If you need to avoid the database, the
other way i can see of keeping the information is adding it to variables at
the same
time as you add it into the database, and when you need to re-access the
info, pull
it from the variable instead of the database, but that could get messy


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> Luke, Good point, this list is set up different in that "Reply" ONLY
> to the individual poster, not the list.  Have to use "reply to all".
> I have added the list address to this post. To all concerned,  this thread
> contains some "off list" conversation that may be of interest,
> to the original poster.
> Luke, I agree, both methods will probably work well, as you said,
> on the situation'.
> To expand on the issue of retrieving previously posted data into a
> multi-tabbed form.  In this case, I would normally show the user a list of
> previous posts or perform a search.  Selecting a previous post would load
> the form with the historical data to allow reviewing one tab at a time.
> Just like loading any normal edit/view form, but with the tabs breaking up
> the form into individual "parts" of the same record.  Edits and updates
> performed and posted using a similar process to the original post but
> an UPDATE WHERE instead of an INSERT INTO statement.
> List, Sorry if this post is ugly.  Delete as necessary.

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