This will allow you to use $_REQUEST['city'] in the page you are calling to retrieve the city from the first example. You can also use $_GET['city'] but I use $_REQUEST because it contains both $_POST and $_GET.

The variable names are case sensitive and must be exactly what you put on the URL.

$_REQUEST['City'] != $_REQUEST['city']


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Rob wrote:
I believe what you want to do is just add the variable onto the URL, like this...




Does that help?

Robert Gillen
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Subject: [PHP-DB] Hyperlinking to a new page

Ok, I know this should be easy, but im just blanking on how to do it. I have a webpage where you put in a city name, and it queries a database of all the cities in the US and brings back all cities matching that name. This part works just fine. What I want to do now is to create a hyperlink for each city name which, when clicked on will then call up a second page listing the details of that city. What I need to do is pass this page the city id (or any other identifying variable) to the detail page, but I cant for the life of me remember how to pass the data from one page to another outside of a form. Any help would be appreciated.

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