Hello Ricardo,

I have see an litle class on phpclasses.org that open dbase files. Now on your 
main problem to connect foxpro data base with php via ODBC you must be made 
the next step:

1)  Check if your Foxpro data base have ODBC drivers installed
2)  Made the ODBC connex  to create the DSN (you can check how to make an dsn 
on http://www.weberdev.com)
3)  Check your php  to verify foxpro api is installed (write an info php file 
<? phpinfo()?> and find foxpro api over dump file info)
4)  Try connect to the data base



On Wednesday 15 October 2003 07:24, Ricardo C. Fernandez de C. wrote:
> I guess i will just read the file with the dbase funtions
> and convert it to psql, its not going to be real time, but oh well,
> thanks for the help.

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