I have this code below, it fetches data on a mysql database. I was hoping
you could give me a code hint on where could, my goal is to display this
data on a browser which i did already and be able to edit it via a form.

edit? -> table1=value -> table2=value

I dont know where to start. please help me, i hope i can display all the
data and have a button for editing and catch which one to edit.

## code ##
$result = mysql_query("select
product_code,title,language,issue,category,cost from iip_t_cp where issue =
$issue and category = '$category' and language = '$language' and depleted =
'$depleted'", $connect);
$num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result);

function display($result)
    echo "<h1>pricelist records</h1>\n";
    echo "<br>";
    echo "\n<table cellspacing=3 cellpadding=3 border=1>\n<tr>\n" .
ost</th>" .

      while ($row = @ mysql_fetch_row($result))
          echo "\n<tr>";
          foreach($row as $data)
          echo "\n\t<td> $data </td>";
          echo "\n</tr>";

    echo "\n</table>";
## code ##

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Louie Miranda

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