I would not consider a DB-based design.

I use two approaches (sometimes mixed):

1. Write content in XML files (one per language) and transform them with
XSLT. This is nice for mostly content-based sites.

2. Write the complete application in English and translate it with the
excellent PHP gettext() extension. Makes it fast, efficient and very cheap
to maintain. A better option for web applications.

In any case the user's language must be stored in a session variable.


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> Forgive me if this is pedestrian or has been covered before.  I'm new
> to the list and I haven't used PHP too much (yet).
> Here's my question:
> I'm looking to use PHP for an upcoming site project where the site
> needs to be in either English or Spanish. Would PHP be a good approach?
> I was envisioning having a database with every text bit and image with
> text in it in two columns, one for English, and one for Spanish. Then
> each web page would reference some kind of global variable (a cookie?)
> to determine whether to pull the images and text from the English
> column or the Spanish column. Does this sound like a good approach? Is
> PHP capable of something like this?
> Thanks for any help or suggestions you can give.
> Dan Hewins
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