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> Thank you for your help Martin,
> I am aware of the seperation stuff you are talking. There is a much more
> professional term for that 'Design Patterns' use in JAVA (I tell you as a
> JAVA professional).. I am also aware of need for code and design
> seperation..

Really looks like I've been reading the J2EE tutorial lately. :-)

> What I meant here is that NOT every project needs this! If you are on a
> small project it is much easier to write straight forward, without making
> this hard seperation..
> By the way thanks for "HTML_Template_IT " advice.. I will check that out. If
> you have any other advice I am waiting..
> What do you think guys how it is better to seperate PHP code from Design
> (HTML)?

I personally put all the .html files (no PHP code in them) in a directory
separated from the rest of the PHP files (there are other directories as well).

Lately I'm using the same template (the .html file) for several pages, if the
similarity is very high.

As the different parts of the aplication are being finished, the html templates
are passed to the person how does the design (look and feel), who knows exactly
what parts of the HTML can't be touched. Puts them back and sees how they look.

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