Louie Miranda wrote:

I have this code below, it fetches data on a mysql database. I was hoping
you could give me a code hint on where could, my goal is to display this
data on a browser which i did already and be able to edit it via a form.

edit? -> table1=value -> table2=value

I dont know where to start. please help me, i hope i can display all the
data and have a button for editing and catch which one to edit.

Well, my first suggestion is to use a database abstraction class such as PEAR's DB. It offers much more powerful features than the regular mysql extension in PHP, has better error handling, and allows you to have the same interface for all of the databases it supports.

My second suggestion is to use DB_DataObject and DB_DataObject_FormBuilder to create the forms for a table and handle editing the data. It really simplifies things.

My third suggestion would be to use a new package that I'm writing. It not only automates editing of table data, but it also shows you all of the records and lets you view multiple tables. Unfortunately, it's not out yet, but I could give you a copy if you wanted. To see the precursor to what I'm working on, check out RDBEdit (http://rdbedit.sf.net).

PEAR::DB http://pear.php.net/package/DB
PEAR::DB_DataObject http://pear.php.net/package/DB_DataObject
PEAR::DB_DataObject_FormBuilder http://pear.php.net/package/DB_DataObject_FormBuilder

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