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> Thank you for your comments Ignatius.
> (just to note) : I do not agree that all projects SHOULD require CLEAR
> sepeartion of code and appearance.

Let me disagree with you! :-)
I a multi-tiered design yuo have a client layer, a server layer (this should be the
PHP pages on the server), and the database layer (simply for storage).

Now, the server layer is easier to maintain if you have it devided in a buissness
layer and a presentation layer.

The presentation layer should have programs that print the results.

Now, to make it even easier to maintain your code, abstraction of HTML code from the
PHP code is the best way to go. It make the PHP more readable, and the HTML easy to
edit by non programmers.

> Further on this issue:
> Consider that there are lots of dynamic stuff like "news", and there are
> thousands of users and all data is stored in a database. Currently data is
> stored as a simple text. And I want to provide users (or their graphic
> editors) to display these "news" on their page in the way they like. So, to
> achieve this task I need a nice seperation of code and design. We may not
> achieve a 100% seperate work, but at least a graphical designer (who doesn't
> know any PHP) has to be able to develop a new design for his customers (our
> user) with ease.

I think you should point to HTML_Template_IT (

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