What I am looking for is to offer a website that people can freely signup and 
use as a real email address.  A client where they can send/recieve emails just 
like Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail etc.  Have it web based.  But I don't just want 
any email client, it must be customizable and code added to it.  So I am not 
looking to go to a www site and signup for them to brand it.  I want to 
customize it entiley which does not just include the colours and format I mean 
customize the code itself and add to it as it won't just be a email site, it 
will pay you to send emails etc.  
Free or price is fine.  I know of a few BASIC free ones but their very basic.  
If I can avoid allowing attachments that's fine or a section to allow or 
disallow ataachments.  But when is ay basic their damn basic.  I need one that 
you have settings, folders etc.  
Any ideas?  Or anyone have the time to write such a client for me?
I'm not really sure if the client can be or would be PHP based or datbase 
driven.  I'd hope so because I could adapt to it better and work on it but if 
not I am willing to learn the bits.  
Time frame?  Well if someone needs to write it I don't need it anytime soon.  I 
want it to be stable and what not so needs to be fine and operate correctly.  
But if I can buy or get some code I can edit there will be alot of editing but 
that would be fine.  Any ideas people?
email will be in the form of [EMAIL PROTECTED] not like [EMAIL PROTECTED] it's 
going to have it's own domain.
Something like rock.com would be fine.

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