> I think most (probably not all) pl's were sparked due to security bugs
> which were found and we took the opportunity to add another couple of
> important fixes. Those kind of pl's would not have been prevented by any
> Great Plan.

    If I remember correctly, 4.0.4pl1 was the only release
    which also happened to include security-related changes
    beside important bug fixes.

    Here is a quick summary.

    4.0.4pl1, two weeks after 4.0.4
    - broken user function calls affects modules like XML and
      Session, broken Apache Config

    4.0.3pl1, three days after 4.0.3
    - broken Apache Config handling

    4.0.1pl2, two days after 4.0.1
    - broken error_reporting() and readdir()

    4.0b4pl1, one day after 4.0b4
    - magic_quotes crash

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