At 16:44 21/3/2001, Hartmut Holzgraefe wrote:
>Sascha Schumann wrote:
> >     Guys, please play by the rules which are laid down in
> >     RELEASE_PROCESS.  Further decreasing the quality of PHP
> >     releases doesn't help anyone and just makes us look bad.
>yes, that's it, let's play by the rules during a RC cycle or
>don't have rules at all
>rules for release cycles might be changed between RC cycles,
>but should definetly be applied unchanged while in use

I definitely don't agree with this definitely.  A good thing about 
opensource projects is that there aren't committees and thick rule books 
that move and act at the speed of a dinosaur.  When it begins to look that 
way, you know you're in the wrong direction.
It doesn't mean that we shouldn't have rules, but I'll never support rules 
such as 'dont debate/change the rules while [ANYTHING]'.  If the rules are 
broken, or there was lacking vision when we authored them, it should be 
fixed on the spot.


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