Sascha & Zeev,

May I please ask you to calm down a bit? Flamewars and insults
won't help anyone.

I think you both could use a few minutes to take your breath.

At 16:38 21.3. 2001, Zeev Suraski wrote the following:
>At 17:15 21/3/2001, Sascha Schumann wrote:
>>> I definitely don't agree with this definitely.  A good thing about
>>> opensource projects is that there aren't committees and thick rule books
>>> that move and act at the speed of a dinosaur.  When it begins to look that
>>> way, you know you're in the wrong direction.
>>    OpenSource does not mean careless committers and bug-riddled
>>    software.  OpenSource software can excel in code quality and
>>    stableness.
>>    Your personal goal seems to differ from that target.  I think
>>    that is a pity.
>Your argumentative tone is also a pity.
>As for the issue at hand, we differ greatly at the amount of importance we attribute 
>to considering rules as if they were God-given.  I care about PHP's quality a lot, 
>quite before you were even a contributor to the project.  I'm not coming to downplay 
>your caring, but I'm not sure what makes you think you can downplay mine.
>The fact that you see what I say as if opensource software means bug-riddled software 
>or careless committers still doesn't mean that's what I'm saying, and obviously (as 
>I'm sure you know deep inside), it's not.  That's just your binary way of looking at 
>things, which is thankfully not shared by most people.  I stand completely behind 
>what I said, but obviously not behind your summary of what I said.
>The bottom line is that, as I said, the trick in good opensource software is taking 
>calculated risks, and mixing agility with quality assurance.  One can look through 
>your binary glasses, and then it's either complete lack of quality, or complete lack 
>of risks, and one can look with reasonable experienced eyes and strive to get to the 
>right mixture.  I, for one, don't enjoy looking through these binary glasses.
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And the eyes of them both were opened and they saw that their files
were world readable and writable, so they chmoded 600 their files.
    - Book of Installation chapt 3 sec 7 

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