At 05:03 PM 3/21/2001 +0100, Sascha Schumann wrote:
> > The bottom line is that, as I said, the trick in good opensource software
> > is taking calculated risks, and mixing agility with quality assurance.  One
> > can look through your binary glasses, and then it's either complete lack of
> > quality, or complete lack of risks, and one can look with reasonable
> > experienced eyes and strive to get to the right mixture.  I, for one, don't
> > enjoy looking through these binary glasses.
>     Then please start explaining what the right mixture is.
>     Apparently, we have not found the right mixture yet, unless
>     of course, patchlevel releases are part of that Great Plan.

I think most (probably not all) pl's were sparked due to security bugs 
which were found and we took the opportunity to add another couple of 
important fixes. Those kind of pl's would not have been prevented by any 
Great Plan.


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