Sorry to bring this up yet again but before we release 4.0.5 this needs to
be sorted otherwise nothing will ever happen. We have just reached 4.0.5RC4
(which was the final planned RC) and we find that the midgard folks need to
fix some bugs with the build process.

This will undoubtedly happen again and again ad midgard and PHP work on
different release cycles and is by no means the fault of the midgard people
but it just isn't practical if we are trying to release stable versions of
PHP and midgard is still undergoing heavy development.

Sascha complains about the stability of PHP and all of our patch levels yet
Rasmus wants to include these extensions that are applications in their own
right, it just isn't practical for the QA team to test something the size of
midgard and thus it doesn't get tested (unless the midgard folks test it
which we have to presume doesn't happen as we get no feedback from them), we
then risk getting to a point like this where we are about to release PHP
4.0.5 and it either 1) has to be delayed with another release cycle 2) has
to continue with a broken midgarad, neither are great but for the QA team
its very annoying when midgard, somewhat of an outside extension means we
have to do a whole new cycle.

I propose that we remove midgard from the PHP CVS into a separate PEARC
module before the release of 4.0.5 so that midgard is never been included in
a PHP release. It will give some incentive to get the PEARC system running
sooner too. If nobody objects to this strongly I propose we do this in 24-48
hours and then release 4.0.5 which has been dragging on for a while now.

James Moore
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