> Ummmmm...
> If I'm not mistaken, the midgaurd extension itself, only provides
> functionality to the "midguard" application?  Ie, end-users of midguard
> will not use the functions and classes exported by the extension, only
> midguard will use that functionality?
> If so, I'm not too sure it would be a good idea to include the midguard
> extension in PEAR either...

There is nothing stopping someone else making a php app that uses midguard
extension if they want to.
 I can see your point but if there is a feeling that it should be
distributed with PHP in someway PEAR seems the most logical place. By your
arugment why should midguard be in ext/ either as noone but people running
midgard use it. PEAR is somewhere where it would be easy to retive from
(eventually) and is hopefully where we will eventually have other non
standard extensions.


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