James Moore wrote:

> This will undoubtedly happen again and again ad midgard and PHP work on
> different release cycles and is by no means the fault of the midgard people
> but it just isn't practical if we are trying to release stable versions of
> PHP and midgard is still undergoing heavy development.

True, but in this case the main issue is a problem in the autoconf

> I propose that we remove midgard from the PHP CVS into a separate PEARC
> module before the release of 4.0.5 so that midgard is never been included in
> a PHP release. It will give some incentive to get the PEARC system running
> sooner too. If nobody objects to this strongly I propose we do this in 24-48
> hours and then release 4.0.5 which has been dragging on for a while now.

Doesn't have my preference, of course, but if that's the general feel
on php-dev then that's what needs to happen.


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