On Sun, Apr 01, 2001 at 09:07:44AM +0200, Sebastian Bergmann wrote:
> Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
> > Ask Zend folks, they have our proposals, even C code to Zend engine 
> > to implement native templating with no connection to Midgard at all -
> > this system was designed to be generic for any template providers. 
>   Does this have to be implemented in the ZendEngine or would a
> ext/template extension (for instance) be possible, also? This would be
> great, though Template Engines are a dying species with the advent of
Not so simple because XSLT is far than complex for lot of applications and
especially when you are trying to provide content edit capabilities for
non-techies. This is huge nische. 

It most effective at ZendEngine level but actually task is two-tiered. Let me describe:
1. Templating require additional syntax which is better handled by ZendEngine
2. Syntax provides access to collection of template elements and manipulation
   of them. It's up to template provider to collect template elements from
   some source(s) before actual template building. This is better handled by
This separation also allows to make complex transitions like 
'document with template markup' -> XML-based source + XSLT -> output
In this case second step is done by Template Provider which provides
template elements + hooks to translate them to XML + output callbacks.
Zend Engine dispatches these calls via easy user-oriented syntax.

For example, in Midgard we have two kinds of template calls:
<[template element]> -- just insert content of template element here and evaluate it 
as PHP code.
                        It looks like hidden functional call to include() but the 
                        is that 'template element' actually can come from completely
                        different place than file system (in Midgard it comes from 
                        or FileTemplates).
&(variable:formatter); -- pass $variable throught existing formatter and insert
                        output into output stream. Different formatters allow
                        to convert plain text to HTML with different levels of
                        formatting, execute PHP code, execute user-defined formatter
                        against $variable. Variable could be any PHP structure
                        (scalar, object, array, etc)
These are very simple constucts, but they are greatly reduce build-up for non-technical
Sincerely yours, Alexander Bokovoy 
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