> I'd like to see Midgard do for 
> PHP what Zope has done for Python in the 
> way of increasing the level of penetration
> of the language.

What exactly has zope done for Python?
Nothing. The measurement of python's increased penetration as a
result of zope can be expressed simply as 'zilch'.

> This won't happen unless
> it's easy to install a version of Midgard 
> on top of a standard version of PHP.

To suggest that the success of PHP relies on its ability
to accommodate apps like midgard is like saying the
success of html is directly dependent on, gulp, Dreamweaver.

> I love PHP, but generally I find the lack
> of applications such as Midgard a major 
> disincentive to using it.  I won't continue 
> using it for long if this continues to be 
> the case.  It's already pretty tempting to 
> drop it in favour of Java or Python.

There's tons of stuff out there that can mimic midgard,
opensource and otherwise. None of them require the
level of integration midgard currently enjoys. At best,
Midgard belongs in PEAR. It most definitely, IMHO, does not
belong in the PHP source.

Mike Robinson

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