> As a user of PHP and Midgard, I'd just like
> to comment that my use of PHP is completely
> dependent on my perception of it's potential
> to embrace integrating applications like
> Midgard.  I'd like to see Midgard do for
> PHP what Zope has done for Python in the
> way of increasing the level of penetration
> of the language.  This won't happen unless
> it's easy to install a version of Midgard
> on top of a standard version of PHP.

Is Zope distributed with Python? I think not. There is nothing stopping the
midguard folks distributing the latest version of PHP compiled or as source
code with midguard so people can go one place and download midguard or
midguard can be placed in PEAR but midgard is too bigger project to have in
PHP cvs for the two systems release cycles to coordinate well so both are
stable at the same time.

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