On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:

>There is one problem which could come dangerous for extensions in
>future: change made a week ago in configure macros: AC_ADD_* ->
>PHP_ADD_* This change was made in HEAD branch but PHP_4_0_5 wasn't
>reflected. It means that external extensions (PHP-GTK, Midgard, APC and
>others) now in hard situation: they will be broken with CVS snapshots
>(but will work with 4.0.4pl1, 4.0.5). And then they will eventually work
>with 4.0.6 but be broken with previous ones. IMO, for external
>extensions latest version of PHP should not be 'must' requirement,
>people are conservative usually and would not replace main engine
>without too much need.

Why do you see it as a problem? They should be doing their own
releases after our releases. ie. They should say that this version
works with PHP 4.0.5. People should know that when they get
the bleeding edge..it might not work at all.. There have been also
other changes (e.g. in Zend) which might break those extensions.
So I don't really see this renaming as a big problem.

This renaming was only done because the configure system is getting pretty
big and those macros looked like autoconf one's, a fact that confused me
(only me? :) many times. Now if someone would be so kind and documented
the usage of those macros a bit better. :-)


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