Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there was any documentation to the source code of php. I 
have to work on some internal patches to PHP for my company to offer php 
for a large number of users. I already did the patches but had a hard time 
understanding all the source code because of all the defines and macros 
that are scattered throughout all the code files.

I started noting about all the PLS_FETCH(), and ELS_FETCH() and #ifdef ZTS 
and all that stuff but i really have a hard time sometime debugging my 
patches cause i don't really know what that function specifically does. now 
that i have new patches to do, i wish i had a plain documentation.

I'd really appreciate one of you giving me access to one doc about all that 
stuff if there exists one :)

Thanks a lot for all your help.

Mark Villemade
Hosting & Communication Tools Technical Manager
MultiMania & Lycos Group

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