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> As a major version say v5 would have lots of new features, but 4.0.6 for
> example mainly bug killings with maybe some feature improvements, 4.1 would
> contain bug killings (of course) but some new features but nothing earth
> shattering, and the bugs should be treated the same way.

I think one of the key benefits of open source is the flexibility of the
development process. The software changes to fit the changing needs of its
users (many of which, in open source, are the developers); it is not beholden
to strategic planning and static project roadmaps. Keeping this flexibility
intact is a great contributor to PHP's growth and continued improvement. 

> For 4.0.6 for example we should be aiming to get rid of all recreatable and
> rated "very likely to be found" bugs, with bugs ranking down to "obscure
> things unlikely to be found by the masses" - and weight them accordingly, so,
> the more likely it is to be found and annoy someone, the more we'd like to fix
> it before release.  So, to your list, why not just add a voting for the QA
> people to vote how likely they feel it would come up/how much they would hope
> to see it in the next produce from the dev team?

Someone mentioned the idea of bug-squashing parties; I think that's a great
idea, although since the project's developers are all over the world it may be
a little tricky to organize (I'm not fixing bugs at 10AM). But I'm really not
in favor of adding more process. Personally, I've never seen adding steps to a
development process actually help development. It seems like instead of voting,
maybe QA people (as well as developers) should have ability to set priorities
on bugs (although these are arguably very subject to perspective).


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