As of late, the company I work for, Community Connect, needs to extend the
openssl php module and might be able to release the source.  It is for RSA
encryption, but in my own interest, i would like to add on the other types
of algorithms to it too. 

I understand that there are more complex functions, such as encryption using
PKCS8 (or was that 7) to encrypt with a public key, while using envelopes and
SMIME.  I would like to see simpler functions, such as straight RSA and DSA
encryption/decryption, as well as cert creation as it exists in the openssl
api.  At the moment, RSA is the primary target for my needs.

I would like to start ASAP, so please let me know of anything i should know or
do before hand :)

-spencer p

p.s.  Sorry for the repeat, i apparently need to learn how to use my email client 

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