While I'd say Jani's letter was slightly over emotional ;), he does have a 
I think that taking a stop to look closely at the bugs database would be a 
good thing, and the turn of a new version is a good time to do 
it.  Deciding 4.0.6 won't include any significant new features, and that 
we'll start its release process after a bugs-database-cleaning period 
sounds like a good idea to me.


At 23:44 24/4/2001, Jani Taskinen wrote:
>On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> >An easily reproducable segfault in a common PHP extension is a serious
> >issue which could lead to potential security breaches and thus lots of bad
> >mojo from nasty bugtraq postings.  If we know about such a segfault and we
> >have a fix and go ahead and release a "stable" package without this fix
> >then our entire QA process is a joke.  If we find such bugs before a
> >release, we fix them.  That's what the process is for.
>Have you checked the bug database lately?
>There are 43 open reports with bug type 'Reproducible crash'.
>There are actually even more of them. I can easily reproduce
>at least 10 bugs which cause segfaults. Those haven't been fixed yet.
>Those haven't been fixed for a couple of releases now.
>So, with your logic, we shouldn't release before all of them are fixed?
>(of course some of these crashes aren't any bugs in PHP. e.g. the IMAP
>extension. The c-client that it relies on isn't really that stable. )
>The QA process as it is IS a joke. Without the support from the developers
>there aren't any possible ways that it can ever succeed.
>It isn't the QA people who fix bugs. They just test and report to developers
>who should FIX those bugs. Some core developers seem to have forget this..
>On the other hand, there have been dozens of crash fixes + other
>fixes in current RC. So why can't we release it, make many people
>happy and start the release cycle (for 4.0.6) ? And what prevents us
>from releasing new versions every month? As the QA process
>is a joke we can skip that anyway... :-p
>I haven't seen ANY stable releases yet..where are those kept? :)
>I have only seen release after release that PHP gets more and more
>new features (with old buggy ones) and with new bugs.
>What I would like to see now is a code freeze so that people would have
>to start fixing bugs instead of creating new features. Otherwise this
>really is a neverending circle. But this will never happen, I guess.
>Could we vote for this? :)
>I know it's more fun to create something new. But at least for
>me it's a matter of honour that my code works as it's intented to..you
>seem to disagree.
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