On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 11:42:24AM -0400, spencer 'sporty' portee wrote:
> As of late, the company I work for, Community Connect, needs to extend the
> openssl php module and might be able to release the source.  It is for RSA
> encryption, but in my own interest, i would like to add on the other types
> of algorithms to it too. 

This sounds good, please have a look at bug report 10665 by
[EMAIL PROTECTED], he has implemented RSA encryption, and [EMAIL PROTECTED]
followed up on that. It would be good if you and Sascha Kettler could
agree on how the API should be, Wez and maybe I also might have some
thoughts. I'm not sure, but rather than having separate functions for
each algorithm, it might be better to have encrypt and decrypt functions
that take algorithm as a parameter. I'm Cc'ing Sascha and Wez.


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