On 2001-05-04 17:59:03, "Stig Venaas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This sounds good, please have a look at bug report 10665 by
> [EMAIL PROTECTED], he has implemented RSA encryption, and [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> followed up on that. It would be good if you and Sascha Kettler could
> agree on how the API should be, Wez and maybe I also might have some
> thoughts. I'm not sure, but rather than having separate functions for
> each algorithm, it might be better to have encrypt and decrypt
> that take algorithm as a parameter. I'm Cc'ing Sascha and Wez.

I'll probably tweak Sascha's patch to take the cipher as an arg (and add
similar support to the S/MIME functions while I'm at it).

Let me know if any of you have any comments - I'm going to look at the
patch now and have a play with it.


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