On Thu, 3 May 2001, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:

>> You're both wrong. This is really a bug in the IMAP-2001.beta sources.
>> It's not possible to build it with SSL support on Unix.

>It is possible and I did it, and it works. That's why I'm saying about it.
>Look closer to the circumstances where this bug in configure rises.
>It occurs when compiling extension via phpize, not with whole PHP4 tree.

I got the latest IMAP-2001.beta snapshot and it doesn't work.
There isn't any auth_ssl.c file in the package. So please explain
me how it can be done? Anyway, like I said, IMAP-2000 works fine.

IMAP-2001.beta doesn't work but it doesn't even matter as it still is _beta_.

>> >This is known bug since early March but nobody fixed it and in general
>> >fixing requires serious rework of PHP4's configure macros concept.
>> Submit a patch or shut up.
>Very nice answer. So, keep broken functionality forever.

Hrhm. If you know what is wrong then fix it and send a patch.
Or at least point us WHERE the problem is. Everything works
for me just fine as it is -> no broken functionality.

Just saying "requires serious rework of PHP4's configure macros concept"
isn't really useful at all. There are enough people saying that
_something_ should be done but not enough who can say _what_ should be done.


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