Jani Taskinen wrote:

>> You do when you want to develop self-contained extensions. SCEs are
>> useful for large PHP extensions that have to live outside the main PHP
>> tree, or for package builders that want to develop a main php4 package
>> and separate packages for the extensions (much like debian does).
> Well, this is off topic.

It isn't, IMO.

> I was talking about the IMAP extension
> that lives in inside the main PHP tree and it doesn't have any
> use for phpize.

Even inside the main PHP tree you can use phpize to generate separately 
loadable modules for segmented packaging. The only other way to do 
binary packaging is to make assumptions on behalf of the downloaders as 
to what extensions are useful to them. Not very friendly.

Since you're the IMAP extension maintainer (or so I gather), ignoring 
that valid use is your option, of course. No obligation to anyone. But 
there is a valid use, and one that's in frequent use too. Debian has 
about 20 of the extensions that are available in the main tree as SCEs. 
And yes, including IMAP.


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