Can we drop this issue already? Sascha said his working on it, okay?
FYI: I'm not the maintainer of IMAP extension. Check EXTENSIONS file.


On Thu, 3 May 2001, Emiliano wrote:

>Jani Taskinen wrote:
>>> You do when you want to develop self-contained extensions. SCEs are
>>> useful for large PHP extensions that have to live outside the main PHP
>>> tree, or for package builders that want to develop a main php4 package
>>> and separate packages for the extensions (much like debian does).
>> Well, this is off topic.
>It isn't, IMO.
>> I was talking about the IMAP extension
>> that lives in inside the main PHP tree and it doesn't have any
>> use for phpize.
>Even inside the main PHP tree you can use phpize to generate separately
>loadable modules for segmented packaging. The only other way to do
>binary packaging is to make assumptions on behalf of the downloaders as
>to what extensions are useful to them. Not very friendly.
>Since you're the IMAP extension maintainer (or so I gather), ignoring
>that valid use is your option, of course. No obligation to anyone. But
>there is a valid use, and one that's in frequent use too. Debian has
>about 20 of the extensions that are available in the main tree as SCEs.
>And yes, including IMAP.

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