On Thu, 3 May 2001, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:

>> IMAP-2001.beta doesn't work but it doesn't even matter as it still is _beta_.
>As original author already pointed out, error triggers out with IMAP
>2000*, not with IMAP 2001 betas. And I'm saying about it too. With

Please read that bug report. It only talks about IMAP-2001.
And IMAP-2000 works fine. I just compiled it and PHP compiles with it just

>IMAP-2000 ext/imap does not compiles well using phpize because both
>PHP_ARG_WITH() in its config.m4.

Why would anyone want to use phpize on imap extension?
(forgive me but I never have needed phpize..)

Thanks for the patches. I hope someone more familiar
with this will check them out and commit them.


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