At 12:48 3.5. 2001, Andi Gutmans wrote the following:
>At 12:47 PM 5/3/2001 +0200, Cynic wrote:
>>do you think ASF is a Nazi-like group? I don't think so.
>>Nor do I witness endless discussions caused by the fact that
>>the Apache release cycle is far (in a galaxy far, far away.. :)
>>stricter than the PHP one.
>Is it? I'm not that sure. They also release with known bugs although I admit to not 
>knowing their exact release cycle so I won't comment more on this :) By the way, in 
>Zeev's not very successful way of using that N word what he meant was a dictatorship 
>that makes binary decisions about everyone else. That's all he meant IMO.

Well, AFAICT only a limited group of people can commit, and 
whoever (including the commiters) has a patch, it's proposed,
and discussed. That means nothing is committed without peer 
review. I think this qualifies as "far stricter". :)

>>4.0.5 took very long to release, and it seems like it could
>>have been released a month ago - pl1 is inevitable anyway.
>I don't see a pl1 happening. We will go right to 4.0.6.

If that happens soon... Labels are just labels. :)

>>On the other hand, I must say that the win32 version of PHP
>>these days is great. When I recall the days 6-8 months ago,
>>it's incredible how much has been achieved.
>>One more thing: unless I'm mistaken, vast majority of people
>>who have raised their voices has voted for tighter rules.
>>I'm of the same opinion. Without an effective way to impose
>>their judgement, the QA team is just a joke.


>In any case, thank god we don't have communication problems so I think everyone's 
>voice will be heard when patches are merged into the release branch.
>Anyway, why are we continuing to waste time on this instead of fixing bugs and 
>emptying the bugs database.
>4.0.5 was pretty fine and we'll tighten things for 4.0.6. I'm sure that after this 
>whole Email exchange more people will be watching the release branch and more people 
>will be shouting "STOP". And they will be heard!
>It'll work out OK. Don't worry about it.

So in the end, this wasn't a waste of time.

Ok, just from memory, at least these people are shouting 
"no new features in the release branch" (in no particular order): 

James Moore, Zak Greant, Jani Taskinen, Sascha Schumann, Derick 
Rethans, Steve Langasek, and me. Are we heard? :)

Don't get me wrong, things are getting better, but they wouldn't 
be without being talked about. That is, I'm not complaining or 

And the eyes of them both were opened and they saw that their files
were world readable and writable, so they chmoded 600 their files.
    - Book of Installation chapt 3 sec 7 

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