> On 2001-05-04 20:21:28, "Sascha Kettler" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Sounds ok, although I wouldn't call it openssl_key_* but openssl_asym_*
> > similar.
> Yeah, that sounds better.
> > I don't know what people would prefer: Separate functions or a
> > boolean. What's the general opinion on that?
> IMHO, openssl_asym_public_encrypt is just a bit too long for a function
> name.

public/private_encrypt/decrypt should imply use of an asymmetric encryption,
at least it does for me. So then there's no need for the _asym bit (which
was just a replacement for openssl_key_encrypt, as this wasn't saying anything
about asymmetric encryption).

> I suppose a more sensible way is to define some constants (sth like):
> OPENSSL_ENC_PUBLIC and OPENSSL_ENC_PRIVATE so that the parameter has an
> instant obvious meaning (compared to just true/false).
> Mind you: strlen(constant) + strlen(openssl_asym_encrypt) >
> strlen(openssl_asym_public_encrypt)...
> I suppose it's just psychological, but shorter function names seem shorter
> overall (to me anyway).

No problem with that, saves me some typing (or doing a wrapper with a
shorter name) ;)


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