> >That still doesn't change the fact that it is imprecise to tie the PHP
> >version number to extensions when there is no 1:1 relationship here and
> >the possibility exists that an older version of the extension can be used
> >with a newer version of PHP.
> >And more and more, the average PHP user does not build PHP themselves but
> >use it on a server where PHP was built by an admin.  On these servers it
> >is getting more common for the admin to enable extensions as shared
> >extensions from user requests which increases the likelihood of old
> >versions of extensions sticking around and not being in synch with the PHP
> >installation.
> Hmm..I'm not really sure how it's possible to use older API version
> extensions with newer PHP as the Zend boys pump up their API version
> number on every release..and afaik that prevents you from using the
> old extensions..?

ZEND_MODULE_API_NO last changed in December of last year.

If you look through CVS you will find that there have been many releases
without a change in ZEND_MODULE_API_NO.  Right now an extension built 5
months ago still loads perfectly into a current snapshot.


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