On Fri, 18 May 2001, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:

>> >That still doesn't change the fact that it is imprecise to tie the PHP
>> >version number to extensions when there is no 1:1 relationship here and
>> >the possibility exists that an older version of the extension can be used
>> >with a newer version of PHP.
>> >And more and more, the average PHP user does not build PHP themselves but
>> >use it on a server where PHP was built by an admin.  On these servers it
>> >is getting more common for the admin to enable extensions as shared
>> >extensions from user requests which increases the likelihood of old
>> >versions of extensions sticking around and not being in synch with the PHP
>> >installation.
>> Hmm..I'm not really sure how it's possible to use older API version
>> extensions with newer PHP as the Zend boys pump up their API version
>> number on every release..and afaik that prevents you from using the
>> old extensions..?
>ZEND_MODULE_API_NO last changed in December of last year.
>If you look through CVS you will find that there have been many releases
>without a change in ZEND_MODULE_API_NO.  Right now an extension built 5
>months ago still loads perfectly into a current snapshot.

Ah. I must have been dreaming then.. :)
I remember that someone submitted some bug report about this very issue.

Anyway, now I see that there really is good reason having that
version (PHP_#ext#_API_NO ?) after all. And having that..we should
propable start moving those extensions one by one into PEAR?

Maybe we could then roll out two packages, one for core and one for
the extensions?

And btw. Why not have a function in PHP core that can be used to get the
desired extensions remotely from pear.php.net? If we have a
PHP_#ext#_API_NO, running a 'update_php_extensions()' would
go and grab the updated (if the extension HAS been updated) one..etc..
(I'm just thinking out loud..ignore me :)


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