> Ah. I must have been dreaming then.. :)
> I remember that someone submitted some bug report about this very issue.
> Anyway, now I see that there really is good reason having that
> version (PHP_#ext#_API_NO ?) after all. And having that..we should
> propable start moving those extensions one by one into PEAR?

That has been the plan for a while now.  Not necessarily moving all the
optional extensions, but some of them.  And new fringe extensions would go
straight to PEAR.

> And btw. Why not have a function in PHP core that can be used to get the
> desired extensions remotely from pear.php.net? If we have a
> PHP_#ext#_API_NO, running a 'update_php_extensions()' would
> go and grab the updated (if the extension HAS been updated) one..etc..
> (I'm just thinking out loud..ignore me :)

There is the start of a set of command line tools for doing this.


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