> Yes I do breath fire, but only to put fire under you lazy PHP developers!
i can only speak for myself here, but i think we are only lazy
as far as lame platforms are concerned 

> Why so hostile?
> Because I have a major php application that works with mail() !
> And I did have to program a work around for the idiotic stupid failures of
> that function!
there are lots of good SMTP implementations done in PHP itself around, 
why don't you take one of these if you do not like mail() ?

> Why so hostile?
> Because I reported that bug over a year ago and still nobody fixed it. Only
> replys that say "I dunno nothing about it" or to fix it myself.
i've assigned bug #7629 to myself for quite some time now, and yes,
i've been lazy on this

but you have to know that compiling PHP on Windows is a nightmare
compared to UNIX builds:

- you have to edit configuration header files and add include and
library pathes
  by hand as you have no configure script that can do this for you
- afaik you have to build each extension one by one instead of just
typing make
- and to make it worse: you have to have Visual Studio to build it (not
  likely available in a web shop) while UNIX compilers usualy come for
  with the system

so my efforts on unified SMTP support for UNIX and Windows in PHP is
waiting for someone setting up a working VC++ system including PHP
for me ...

> Why so hostile?
> Because Mail() is a major VERY important function of the internet. E-MAIL!
> Get it? Why is E-MAIL important? DUH!
So why is there no mail support in a standard MicroSoft server setup
at all?  Can't be *that* important ... ;) 

> Why so hostile?
> Because why am I the only one who thinks this is important!?

maybe, as there are not to many people out there that would even
to run server applications on Windows boxes, so most of our effort
goes into the UNIX side of this project

> And no I am not in my early 20's but thanks for the compliment. Actually
> I'm probably older than you in body years but maybe not in mind years!

(moving down SMTP rewrite quite a bit on his personal PHP todo list)

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