The main problem is that in order to produce a PHP release for
Windows which is of the same level of functionality as a release for a
Unix system is quite difficult. Even though Linux, *BSD, Solaris and HP UX
(as well as other unices) have their nuances, the PHP development team
have an interface which is close to standardised.

Take a look at ext/standard/mail.c and you will see that there is one way
for Windows and another way for everyone else. Often when this is the
case, some things can slip. Moreover, since software development in C
often leads to work with Unix many of the developers necessarily focus on
unix platforms. Should PHP developers implement a new and useful feature,
fix problems which affect the majority of platforms or support a
challenging port used by few?

Lastly, if the you are unhappy with the level of support proffer by the
PHP Developers perhaps you should look into solving the problem
yourself. As you say, you've had a year to look at the mail() problem,
that's plenty of time to work out C and windows and do it yourself.

Hope this helps,


On Tue, 22 May 2001 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Well I feel the need for another rant.
> <rant start>
> I reported several times about the bugs in the win32 mail() function.
> Over a year ago too.
> Well it looks like all the response that was given to it was about in the 
> nature of "don't know nothin about it 'cause I'm into linux".
> If you want to port to Windows you could at least get some win32 
> programmers to do it right.
> <rant over.>

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