At 20:29 9/7/2001, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> > Abstracting PHP to work with multiple scanners, or putting a scanner
> > outside the scripting engine, both make no sense.  I don't want to see
> > something which is purely wrong from a technical standpoint, done because
> > of some licensing issue.
>I don't see why abstracting PHP to work with multiple scanners, or better
>yet, multiple engines is a bad idea.

Let's not divert the discussion to 
yet-another-completely-hypothetical-and-useless discussion, please, shall we?

We're dealing with a very real-world situation here, in which a piece of 
software that does *exactly* the same thing is now available.  Why not have 
abstraction for it?  I don't know, perhaps because it just makes no 
sense?  Think about it for a while, perhaps you'd realize that;  I don't 
think I can explain this in any better way.  Perhaps somebody else on this 
list can help me?


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