At 11:24 AM 7/9/2001 -0700, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> > I'm talking about real-world cases of developers who stopped
> > contributing or were afraid to contribute because of your sucky,
> > condescending attitude.
>Uh?  I don't recall a single instance of Sascha scaring someone off.

I don't want to enter myself into the argument but a lot of people have 
mentioned to me via Email & on IRC that Sascha has a very condescending 
attitude with them too. Rasmus, you know he can be very harsh on people. 
I'm sure it's not new to you. And if it is, I'm sure there are some 
examples in the php-dev archives.

>I frankly didn't see a personal attack from Sascha on you here.  He
>doesn't want to contribute his code under the Zend License.  I see nothing
>personal about this decision of his.  So what options does he have?
>Should he then just not try to work on aspects of PHP he thinks are
>important to work on and sit around and wait for you to do it?  This
>doesn't make much sense to me.  He should be allowed to play in whatever
>sandbox he wants and if we can accomodate him without making a mess of
>things, we should try.  So please stop with the personal attacks and
>concentrate on the real technical issues.

Well I'm not sure if you realized but abstracting a scanner doesn't make 
sense, period. No other language interpreter or compiler does this because 
there is only one option, the best for the job. A scanner isn't like a 
programming language where it depends on the persons taste if he prefers 
one or the other. It either does its job better or it doesn't. If it needs 
abstracting then the worse implementation should be thrown away. Sascha 
could have discussed this with us in the open instead of trying to go 
through the back door. A healthy discussion usually leads to results. And 
if he really has a hard time with the current Zend License we could have 
done the re2c for him if we all had decided this is what PHP needs and that 
it really makes such a huge performance difference (I'm not even sure how 
much the patch helps in a real world PHP script). About the feature he 
wanted as to I/O filtering for Apache 2. I thought about it and as Apache 2 
was put back to alpha (I think that is its current status) I must admit it 
wasn't on the top of my priority list. Had Sascha reminded me or opened a 
discussion I'm sure we would have found a solution which everyone is happy 
OK I'm going home... This is too much for me :)


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