At 21:02 9/7/2001, Sascha Schumann wrote:
> > What I do care about is the overall quality of this project, as
> > I'm sure a lot of other people do.  To that end, flames like this
> > are a complete waste of time and bandwidth.  Please don't take
> > this any farther than it has already gone.
> >
> > You're both incredible intelligent and talented individuals, and
> > this is a professional forum and group.  Please keep the
> > discussion technical and civil, and let the merits of the code
> > speak for itself.
>     I couldn't agree more.

No, it's not going to end like this this time - you should have thought 
about this before you bashed me one time too many.  I don't think we can go 
on working in the same project with you thinking about me the things you 
do, and me thinking about you the things I do.  We got a clear example 
today of how it doesn't work.


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