At 09:05 02/08/2001, Andrei Zmievski wrote:
>On Thu, 02 Aug 2001, Zeev Suraski wrote:
> > It's only going to affect the TS build, so most extensions will be left
> > unharmed.  At any rate, leaving stuff for 4.1 has always been a way of
> > saying 'maniana' in our group...  As far as I'm concerned, we can just
> > release the current code base as 4.1.
>No, I had to adjust a number of things in PHP-GTK after your changes,
>even in non-TS build.

Can you elaborate?
One thing that may make sense is keeping the old FETCH macros as 
no-ops.  Other than that, it should pretty much build fine.


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