The work which will have to be done is the author, not all of the 
users.  So the 10K number is not all that relevant.

At 10:50 02/08/2001, George Schlossnagle wrote:

> > Yes, I was counting those too...  It's still not a very large number
> > (probably in the range of dozens, or hundreds at the most, compared to
> > hundreds of thousands of users).
>Conservative estimates put the APC user community at just below 10,000
>people.  I'm sure it's not the most popular 3rd party php extension out
> >
> > Both binary and source compatibility will have good warnings for
> > and users (binaries will not load, source will not compile...), so there
> > should be no real obscure-crashes type of problems.
>I don't think the obscurity of the crash was at issue, just that a minor
>version bump-up would break an end-users install at all.
> >
> > I don't know, it seems to me that bumping a version number because of an
> > API change which is transparent to end users is a bit odd, but if most
> > people think otherwise, it's very much possible...
> >
> > Zeev
> >

Zeev Suraski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
CTO &  co-founder, Zend Technologies Ltd.

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