It's time to break the evil spell on the middle number.
IMO, it does really matter if it is 4.1.0 or 4.0.7..
It's the "HEADS UP!" for people when you change the more significant
version number.

(and also gives a nice backdoor for breaking bc without wtf-factor :)

If someone is afraid of changing it, I can volunteer. ;)

Another thing, I get a segfault when php is configured like this:
./configure --with-crack=/usr/src/cracklib.2.7 --enable-experimental-zts


p.s. Zeev, you're only idling on IRC nowadays?

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Zeev Suraski wrote:

>It should be fairly easy to support both codebases by just defining the
>right things depending on the API_NO.  At any rate, whether we call it 4.1
>or 4.0.7 doesn't really matter.  It had to be done, and would involve the
>same kind of issues regardless of the name.
>At 06:47 02/08/2001, Andrei Zmievski wrote:
>>On Thu, 02 Aug 2001, Andrei Zmievski wrote:
>> > I really wish all these TSRM changes were left for 4.1. There are just
>> > way too many functions affected and I guarantee you that all the
>> > standalone extensions will be broken because people will not expect such
>> > breakage from a point release.
>>Oh, as an example PHP-GTK v0.1 now has to require latest PHP CVS or
>>4.0.7 because of this. Not too good.
>>"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with each
>>other when we're uncool." -- Lester Bangs, from the film 'Almost Famous'
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