On Tue, 14 Aug 2001, John Donagher wrote:

> With what end in mind is an RFC to be created for? In the IETF, RFC's are
> typically long, complex, and authoritative. They are often referenced for years
> after their inception. Do you honestly think we could (or want to) achieve this
> with PHP feature RFC's? Or will they be used only before initial feature
> implementation, then quickly outdated and discarded? That is my biggest problem
> with documents: they take a lot of effort to create, are often difficult to
> grok, and _almost always_ have a very short lifecycle.

Although probable PHP RFC's won't be as complex as IETF RFC's, I still
think the main problem is that almost every developer hates it to write
docs. Doc writing is the most worse thing of software developing, I think
most people will agree with me on this.

However I think the whole RFC will lurk up too much of our precious time.
The idea may be good, but I don't think it will work out as it is intended
to be.


Derick Rethans

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